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Pilates at Lowford Clinic

At Lowford Clinic we want you to receive the best Pilates tuition in the most suitable environment.   Our Pilates teacher Kat  has a depth of Knowledge over and above that of being  a Pilates teacher.   Kat is a Sports and Exercise graduate   This enables Kat to more fully understand your problems and any limitations that may cause with your ability to participate in Pilates.

Unlike many of the local Pilates classes, Lowford Clinic only teaches small groups of up to 7 participants.  We believe that this gives both the student the ability to ask questions and receive specific guidance whilst they train and also the teacher the ability to be aware of any difficulties a student is having before they cause problems.

If a small class isn’t for you and you would prefer completely individualised 1:1 or 1:2 training that can also be arranged.

Furthermore we offer 30 minute 1:1 taster sessions in Pilates so that your teacher is able to highlight any particular problems you have and also for you to decide whether Pilates is for you.

All Pilates teaching takes place in our onsite air-conditioned studio.

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