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What some of our patients have said

Dear Timo,
I write to thank you for the efforts you have made regarding my recent back problem.
That a miracle did not occur was as you promised. However your counsel and professional concern was a great comfort in my distress. I will return in the future I am sure. Do come and sail sometime, I can always find room.

My very best regards for continued success.



I came to Lowford Clinic to see Wichart after I hurt my back and ribs by falling onto a tiled floor. I was in great pain, I could niether sit nor stand in comfort and I found it virtually impossible to turn over in bed.
The treatment I received at the clinic was excellent. I saw Wichart twice a week for 3 weeks and even after the first couple of sessions the improvement was remarkable. My posture improved and I could walk more easily than I had done for years. After 3 weeks I was back to walking the dog and pottering about in my greenhouse.
I am now on a follow-up routine every few weeks to keep up the work.
Finally I would like to say he has achieved this even though I am 75 years old.



Bank holiday Monday and the weather is fine!
Better get working in that garden of mine.
Hedges to trim and grass to cut,
Muscles to stretch without bursting a gut.

Sorting the pots and cutting back the tree,
There’s hardly time to drink my tea.
The pond needs clearing and the beds need weeding
But alas, sound advice I was not heeding.

Kneeling down, I cut and trimmed the grass
Sheers in hand, I cut away, oh so harsh!
Shoulders and arms and body aligned
But then, a sharp twist to look behind.

Twang! And my back was now in great pain -
No more would the garden from my skills gain.
Shooting pains and a locked up back,
Now I could not tidy or cut, or even hack.

I swallowed the pills, day after day, in the firm belief
That my back would go loose and I’d get some relief.
Instead, my back grew worse and my head really hurt,
I’d never kneel down again in the grass and the dirt!

Then a friend said she’d been to a clinic in Hamble Lane
To a chiropractor called Mark who treated her pain.
I called up the clinic and booked a time,
To get some relief for this back of mine.

Not waiting long, to the clinic I was driven -
Past history taken and full explanations given.
Expert hands on my back found the right spot,
Where my muscles were torn and felt so hot.

The treatments continued and I bought a tennis ball
To do all my exercises using the wall in the hall!
Ice packs on hot spots and manipulation on the couch,
My back was improving - all without one ‘Ouch’!

Now I am back gardening and cutting the grass;
Trees are all tidy and the stripes are first class.
So, thank you to Mark and his wonderful team
For helping me to get back on stream.


1) Please explain briefly what initially brought you to Lowford Clinic. This will include details of your specific problem and the impact it was having on your health and wellbeing.

I developed pain in buttock and lower back that was keeping me awake at night and stopping me from going to the gym. I was using Deep Heat on a nightly basis and was also having to take daily pain relief when sat at my desk at work. I also found bending a problem as I had difficulty getting up again but wasn’t prepared to accept this as being down to my age (I have just had my 60th birthday). Also had headaches towards end of working day.

2) What was your experience of the service and treatment you received at Lowford Clinic?

Brilliant – from the first conversation with the receptionist and all my consultations. Everything has been explained fully, any limitations to what can be achieved have also been explained. Was a bit nervous at first as had been told about ‘bone-crunching’ etc by friends but Wichart explained everything and completely set my mind at rest. The treatment itself is fine, any discomfort is minimal and my spine feels very relaxed when I leave. Everyone is really friendly and helpful – I’ve even managed to get my husband to go and get treatment for a long standing niggling pain and he hates having any sort of treatment.

3) What impact has our service/your treatment had on your wellbeing/life? Please include details of any activities or sports you have been able to resume.

I no longer need pain relief on a daily basis and am able to take action to prevent discomfort when sat at my desk at work. I am back to the gym with no problems and sleep through the night with no Deep heat or pain relief whatsoever. My posture has also improved and I can now bend down and get up again unaided! Headaches disappeared after treatment on my neck. Very pleased with the result of treatment.

Judi (Practice Manager)


Perhaps you would like to add this to your testimonial page:

For a number of years, I have suffered from painful sciatica which NHS Specialists were unable to tend to and I ended up taking many painkillers, even morphine, just to get through the day, these of course made me feel unwell and somewhat depressed. Following a chat with a friend who suggested contacting a Chiropractor which I did instantly and Mark was the professional gent I went to, at Lowford Clinic. Well, almost instantly, my life changed completely. I stopped taking the pills and approximately 3 months down the line, I am now free of any pain relating to my sciatic nerve. Mark, thank you very much for giving me back a pain-free life.



"I came to The Lowford Clinic with neck pain, headaches and some vertigo. I also had permanent discomfort in the hip and occasionally the lower back and knee.

I found Timo very helpful from the first appointment, easing the neck which relieved the headaches and dizziness immediately and working on the hip problem which made me move more easily, with less pain. I appreciated his very clear explanations and the advice on posture / sitting position etc. I feel much better after the course of treatment and hope to keep that way with regular maintenance visits. I would recommend chiropractic treatment – and the Lowford Clinic – to my family and friends"


"I am writing this with the intention that any reader will be able to take comfort in what can be achieved by receiving treatment here.

I am aged 74 years young.

Just over 10 years ago I was attacked by a group of thugs, which resulted in amongst other things suffering a broken knee. Due to the area of the break I had to have a frame screwed into my leg. This resulted in putting more weight and pressure on the opposite side. I ended up adjusting the way I walked, sat etc to compensate for it all, as we all do.

Because of over compensating a readjusting my everyday movements I had been in absolute agony all day everyday for the last 10 years. Even at night I was in agony and the pain constantly woke me up. I couldn’t walk without holding onto something and having to constantly sit down, even sitting was painful. This in itself caused anxiety and depression of having agonising pain on a 24/7 basis, and living on prescribed painkillers.

I explained everything to Mark and then had my first session with him. Because of the length of time I had suffered with these problems Mark explained that it wouldn’t all ‘disappear’ in one session, which was understandable.

Well, I am truly lost for words how I felt on that first day of treatment …. Fantastic would be an understatement. I was able to stand upright for the first time in years and the pain had almost disappeared. That evening was the first night that I was able to sleep pain free in absolute years, it was like a miracle had happened.

I have been continuing with treatment with mark and am now a changed woman and feel years younger. Mark then recommended Stefan for some massage etc and as I have stated earlier am at a loss for works to describe how I feel… FANTASTIC!!!!

I am still receiving treatment from both Stefan and Mark and will be eternally grateful to them for giving me a life back and for taking away the pain … than in itself is priceless!!!!

I cannot recommend either Mark or Stefan highly enough; they are worth every penny and more. I just wish I’d known about them years ago.

Yours truly, and forever thankful."


"Hi Mark, Timo and Stefan,

Some months ago I received my certificate for my 2nd Dan black belt and I am writing to you – rather belatedly – to thank you all (once again!!) for your assistance in achieving this. I am not getting any younger, and my sport is a ‘young persons sport’ but I continue to thrive through hard work, commitment and an enjoyment of the sport. That being said, I also know that you guys work hard on me on a regular basis which helps me to continue this hobby. I really did assume that I would soon be reaching the end of this hobby, but your efforts continue to allow me to train and compete always at a 100%. Please feel free to use this email and its attachments (my new "Black Belt" certificates) as you see fit.’



"I first came to see Mark when I was in pain, and that was dealt with easily, but after regular visits my movement and flexibility improved dramatically.

As a professional golfer the treatment has meant I can achieve movement in my technique that in the past was unobtainable. This has meant an improvement in my confidence and results."

Professional Golfer

"Following a fall from a horse which left me feeling battered and bruised and more worryingly with limited neck movement, I arrived here at the clinic. Timo was very professional and listened carefully to my account of the accident. He booked me in for x-rays immediately in order to assess the injury to my neck properly. I was then given a course of treatment that has proved very successful!

I now have complete movement in my neck, I can lay my head on my pillow at night without feeling pain! However, the most important outcome for me is that my confidence has been restored and I have continued to ride which is my greatest joy. So a bit thank you to Timo for your care and understanding."


"After months of suffering a bad back, the pain getting worse, my walking getting more difficult. Legs feeling heavy and my feet numb and cold. After my first treatment, I found it much easier to move, my legs and feet felt like my own again, the numbness and cold gone.

Now after a few treatments my back is also much better. It was such a relief, I was almost afraid to say now good I felt, not needing to sit down after doing a little job. Also I’m not taking any painkillers since my first visit.

I am very grateful to Timo for all the help I have received. I did feel being 80 years old, those pains were all a part of that, but I’m proof this Clinic could help any age.

Many thanks."


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